Balkan Medical Forum

The Balkan Medical Forum promotes development of bilateral cooperation and partnership between the public and private institutions of health care, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and companies producting medical equipment the relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations, scientists, doctors and other experts inhealth care industries
We are proud to be able to held such an interesting event with more than 170 participants from 15 countries each year
The next Balkan Medical Forum in March 2015 we would like to do it even better, and the organizing committee is preparing the scientific program to provide attendees with the most exciting update on different therapeutic areas
We are open for cooperation and inviting all professional associations and independent physicians to attend our Forum
In the frame of the Balkan Medical Forum we organize a thematic exhibition, which shows modern medicine for the treatment of diseases, medical equipment, products, new tools and specialized publications
Our partners demonstrate their products to the participants, show promising developments, introduce their plans and discuss possible projects
the program of the forum covers deifferent therapeutic areas such as:

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